Country Swamis and Swaminis are Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s ‘right hand’. Their life mission is to spread Guruji’s teachings in their respective countries. If you have any spiritual enquiries, your country Swami is the best person to contact.

Swamini VishwaKishori Ma

Swamini VishwaKishori Ma was born in Hamburg in 1942. When Swamini VishwaKishori Ma was 26 years old, she had a special encounter with a man who had cured himself of multiple sclerosis by practicing yoga. This encounter left a deep impression and she decided to learn more about yoga, meditation and the saints of the east. A great longing for God came over her and the deep desire to follow a spiritual path led her to an enlightened Vedic master, from whom she learned various spiritual techniques and began to study Ayurveda and branches of Vedic literature.

The longing for a master at whose feet she could continue to grow was finally fulfilled in the person of Sri Swami Vishwananda, after decades of searching and almost giving up hope of finding her Satguru. In 2007 she was initiated into Atma Kriya Yoga by Swamiji. In 2008 she led the first OM Healing Group in Switzerland and through Swamiji’s grace became Brahmacharini. A few months later, Swamiji dedicated the Sri Kamala Netra Krishna Temple in her home in Cudrefin. In 2013 Swami dedicated another temple in her garden. Her only wish is to spread Swamiji’s message of love throughout Switzerland and with her initiation as Swamini, Sri Swami Vishwananda made it possible to do this even better.

Initiated: June 2013

Joined the mission: 2003

Responsible for: Switzerland

City: Cudrefin, Switzerland.

Languages: German & English.