Cours de Mudra I (Genève)

Tamara Udartsova
Quai de Charles Page 15
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Mudras are energised hand gestures or body gestures. The purpose of using them is to purify one’s own energetic pathways which help one to advance spiritually and to become more strong and balanced physically.

Mudras can be found in religious cultures all over the world. Christians may have seen the blessing mudra that Christ and the Christian saints show in icons. Hindu saints and yogis are often shown in meditation with a mudra. Buddhists know of Mudras through the various gestures that Shakyamuni Buddha is portrayed with.

Mudras are amazing tools that will change your approach to your daily spiritual practice. Our Mudra courses are packed with information and helpful steps to get closer to the Divine. Each course contains 10 powerful Mudras, which will help to advance the practitioner on their spiritual journey.

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