Weekend with Padmalochana Das (Lessoc)

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Monishdas Gilles David
starting at CHF 120,-


Before embarking seriously on the spiritual path, Padmalochana Das (Ravi) used to work for different prestigious international companies and banks. He holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and a MBS with specialization in HRM. He is also a certified PMP from the PMI.

However, his success in the material world did not bring him true hapiness, that’s why he turned inwars to look for something everlasting. For 2 years, he meditated for approx. 18 hours a day until he realised that the source of his happiness lies within. Ravi’s experience about the Spiritual Anatomy is based on his observation and involvement with the different life processes in this existence. His method of teaching is the most simple and direct yet very effective to the one who puts it into practice. He travels through many countries to bring awareness on the optimal nature of being human.

Topics covered:

  • A deeper understanding of the kriyas and their function
  • Learn how to stabilise oneself before meditating
  • Understanding different forces that govern lives
  • Grasp the nature and complexity of existence
  • Reincarnation, death and birth
  • The Guru tatva and diksha
  • Understanding of the yugas and their influence
  • The mind and its functions
  • Understanding of the different bodies
  • Satsang: “stories and miracles of Paramahamsa Vishwananda”

Price Details

CHF 120,- for the weekend course
CHF 150,- includes the overnight stay

Registration Details

To register and for more information please contact Monishdas on Tel.: 079 600 1008 or Gilles.david@bluewin.ch